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A Founder’s Dream Come True

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Has it been almost a year already?  Time flies when you’re having fun.  We’re turning 1 year old on Sunday, February 1.

When I set out to open Pucker a year ago, I wanted a place where a woman can come to get her makeup done without the awkwardness and pushiness of department stores.  I loved the feeling I had when I had my makeup done by a professional makeup artist, and I wanted to share that with everyone.  But, I never anticipated that Pucker would become the place it is today.  

As soon as you come into the studio – you can feel the warmth & serenity – and the attention to detail that we’re obsessed with.  We are constantly dedicated to a level of service that makes our customers happy and fulfilled.  That effort has allowed us to achieve great success and to bring in a wonderful group of customers.

It’s been incredible to meet women of all ages and ethnicities and get to know them all a little bit.  I’ve gotten to meet women (and men!) from all over the world – from neighbors who live upstairs to women who have come from as far away as Australia to experience Pucker for themselves.

Like many of the women I’ve met, I tend to feel shy in social situations, but makeup can literally change all of that.  To me there is nothing sexier than self confidence.  I know for me personally, when I look in the mirror and feel fabulous, I literally feel as though I can take on the world.

One thing I never anticipated was that I would also become a makeup artist myself.  Who knew?  It’s been challenging but I truly love the craft of makeup artistry and I’m passionate about becoming really good at it.  I’ve found something I love to do and I’m truly excited about the future!

If you haven’t already, I hope you’ll come see us soon!

Hiyam McKelvey, Co-Founder of Pucker, was born in Detroit and raised in Sunset Park, Brooklyn. Growing up as one of six kids, she learned early on that she would have to push through many familial and cultural boundaries in order to live the life she envisioned for herself. Fiercely independent, she made her way to Manhattan and to positions at several investment banks before spending 10 years at Lehman Brothers. After a short stint at Barclays, she decided to stay at home to raise her son Quentin, born in 2010. A typical busy mother, she found it hard to make time for herself – and when she did – she wanted to make the most of it. Always in love with fashion and design, makeup became a great way to express herself. Introduced to Julio by a mutual friend, Hiyam learned that, for her, an amazing makeup application can be transformational. If only for a few hours, it truly changed how she felt about herself – and that was an empowering experience. She decided then that she wanted to do everything she could to bring the magic that Julio creates to as many people as possible. Pucker is the result of that vision – and Hiyam is so excited that it will soon be a reality!